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2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Recommendations

Stupid Old Studio’s PickS of Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Stupid Old Studios is lucky enough to work closely with some of Australia’s best comedians.

Below is a comprehensive list of our picks of the fest, featuring close friends of Stupid Old Studios!


Dave Thornton - Lean Into It

Dave is in that late 30-something haze where he now drinks black coffee, red wine and knows what a quarterly BAS statement is.

An age where his Simpsons and Seinfeld references are being understood by fewer people and he still thinks he can play recreational sport despite making involuntary moans of pain for the next three days.

A time of life where you have none, thanks to work, kids, bullshit house prices and the gut feeling that the world’s on fire and Trump’s at the wheel.


Double Denim - A Very Fancy Dinner Party

This is Double Denim’s Peter Pan story. Having gone from party teens to obnoxious 20-somethings Michelle Brasier (Aunty Donna’s 1999) and Laura Frew have it all figured out. Come dine with Double Denim as two idiots dazzle you with their grown-up-ness/watch it all come crashing down in a rain of tomato sauce and shame. It’s time to grow up, get serious, get some hummus and settle down. Neither of these idiots wants to settle down. They do, however, want desperately to impress each other.


Matt Stewart - Bone Dry

In early 2018 beer enthusiast and comedian Matt Stewart ((RAW Comedy winner, ABC TV, 'Do Go On' podcast) challenged himself to go the rest of the year booze free. In his new show Bone Dry he talks about what it's like to quit the drink alongside his usual wry observations of masculinity, life in Australia and pop culture.

After sell-out shows in 2018 at FRINGE WORLD, Adelaide Fringe, Brisbane Comedy Festival and  Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Matt Stewart is back with his trademark dry humour in the all-new show.


The Breast of the Fest - Produced by Vic Hanlon

Following sold-out seasons in Brisbane and Melbourne, The Breast of the Fest is back for 2019, and it’s bigger and perkier than ever!

A vivacious line-up show with a rotating cast of six of the fastest rising stars of the Melbourne comedy scene, plus a different mystery guest breast every night, The Breast of the Fest is the perfect show to celebrate the next generation of Australian comics.


Andy Matthews & Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall - Magma

A sketch show disguised as a sci fi engineering presentation on the glorious potential of the new magma mining industry.

From ideas generated on the 'Two in the Think Tank' podcast.


Kelly Fastuca & Brett Blake - Worst First Dates Live

Comedians Brett Blake and Kelly Fastuca take their popular podcast 'Worst First Dates' to the stage! A huge line-up each week of local and international comedians from TV, film and radio exchange the worst dating and sex stories. Past guests have included Celia Paquola, Nick Cody and Adam Richards.


Josh Earl - Talks

Josh Earl is an award-winning stand-up comedian who has hosted TV Shows (Spicks and Specks), breakfast radio shows (3RRR Breakfasters, Lime Champions), and is currently the host of the super popular podcast Don’t You Know Who I Am? (one million+ downloads). Josh Earl Talks tells the true story of how Josh, up until the age of 12, struggled with talking and being understood which resulted in a lot of money being spent on speech therapy. And now he talks for a living. Where is his Australian Story?


Rhys Nicholson - Nice Things Nice People Nice Situations

Hello there. It’s me, Rhys, from comedy. Would you like to come to my comedy concert? Why not, you know? It will be nice. Hooray!

Please come.

'Nicholson is one of the most remarkable talents on the stand-up circuit. ★★★★½' Sydney Morning Herald


Lawrence Leung - Growing Concerns

Acclaimed comedian, champion worrier and consistent escape room prisoner, Lawrence returns with tall tales, big concerns and dubious solutions.

Lawrence is a multi award-winning Melbourne comedian, actor and screenwriter. He’s best known for his TV work including the AFI-nominated Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure and Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable for ABC1 and getting his butt kicked in the ABC2 action/comedy Maximum Choppage.


Ben Lomas - The Caffeinator Returns

He's back! After sell-out seasons the Caffeinator Returns! Macchiato? Latte? Iced Nescafé? Whatever your preference Ben is back with his hilarious new take on Melbourne’s coffee culture, from the painfully hip single-origin roasters to those grandmas who order piping hot decaf cappuccinos with extra sprinkles. He went so far as to work at the World Barista Championships and saw things that cannot be unseen.


Stuart Daulman - Masterclass

Working in comedy can be a tough job, unless you have the skills to thrive. Join 'comedy genius' (Chortle, UK) Stuart Daulman in this exclusive seminar, where he deconstructs what it takes to make a truly great Melbourne comedian.

Ben Russell - Fylleangst

The untold story of Australia’s biggest comedy disaster. Starring Ben Russell (The Tokyo Hotel, Restaurant F*%kheads, Tonightly and Gamey Gamey Game).

Directed and co-written by Maggie Looke (The Tokyo Hotel, The Project and Restaurant F*%kheads).

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is running from 27 March - 21 April. Visit the website for the full program.