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The 2nd Annual MICF Comedians FIFA Tournament

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The 2nd Annual MICF Comedians FIFA Tournament

Matt Stewart

It was a real pleasure for us to host the 2nd Annual MICF Comedian's FIFA Tournament at Stupid Old Studios this year. What a cracking day of competitive video game sport it was, with a great lineup of local and international comedians battling it out for the championship cup!

To kick off the day, all 16 players’ names were drawn out of a hat to see who got to play as which club. To groans from the room, tournament favourite Daniel Sloss was drawn first and he picked world football powerhouse, Barcelona… The draw also sorted out who played in which group.

Daniel Sloss vs Suren Jayemanne

Daniel Sloss vs Suren Jayemanne

Nick Cody vs Stu Daulman

Nick Cody vs Stu Daulman

Group Stage

Group 1

Daniel Sloss (UK) - F.C. Barcelona
Suren Jayemanne (VIC) - Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
Aaron Chen (NSW) - Borussia Dortmund
Michael Hing (NSW) - Chelsea F.C.

Group 2

Ray Badran (NSW) - Real Madrid C.F.
Larry Dean (UK) - Inter Milan
Lee Naimo (VIC) - Arsenal F.C.
Luka Muller (VIC) - Liverpool F.C.

Group 3

Sam Gray (VIC) - FC Bayern Munich
Carl Donnelly (UK) - Manchester City F.C.
Nick Cody (VIC) - Manchester United F.C.
Stu Daulman (VIC) - Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Group 4

Guy Montgomery (NZ) - Juventus F.C.
Brendan Maloney (NSW) - Newcastle United F.C.
Marty Bright (NSW) - Atlético Madrid
Tim Hewitt (QLD) - Everton F.C.

In the qualifying round, everyone played everyone else in their group once. At the end of this stage the top two teams in each group went through to the quarterfinals, the bottom two were eliminated. At this early stage, reigning champion Stu Daulman and fellow tournament organiser Michael Hing were both out, so was one of the early tournament favourites, Ray Badran (on goal difference). Guy Montgomery was knocked out, despite being undefeated- his three draws were not enough to make it through to the quarters. This is how the group tables looked:

Group 1

1. Daniel Sloss (UK) - F.C. Barcelona
2. Aaron Chen (NSW) - Borussia Dortmund 
3. Michael Hing (NSW) - Chelsea F.C.
4. Suren Jayemanne (VIC) - Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Group 2

1. Lee Naimo (VIC) - Arsenal F.C.
2. Luka Muller (VIC) - Liverpool F.C.
3. Ray Badran (NSW) - Real Madrid C.F.
4. Larry Dean (UK) - Inter Milan

Group 3

1. Nick Cody (VIC) - Manchester United F.C.
2. Carl Donnelly (UK) - Manchester City F.C.
3. Stu Daulman (VIC) - Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
4. Sam Gray (VIC) - FC Bayern Munich

Group 4

1. Brendan Maloney (NSW) - Newcastle United F.C.
2. Marty Bright (NSW) - Atlético Madrid
3. Guy Montgomery (NZ) - Juventus F.C.
4. Tim Hewitt (QLD) - Everton F.C.

Jonathan Schuster and Tim Hewitt

Jonathan Schuster and Tim Hewitt

Quarter Finals

Things started hotting up in the quarters, Sloss proved too powerful for Muller, Donnelly snuck past the well organised defense of Maloney, Cody got the win over Bright in an entertaining encounter and Chen just did enough to take the chocolates from the Axis of Awesome’s Lee Naimo in extra time. “Axis of Awesome? More like ‘Axis of Shit...’” yelled one of the comics watching on. Naimo smiled, but his eyes showed the pain of the loss (and the brutal zinger).

Quarter Final 1: Group 1 1st (Sloss) vs Group 2 2nd (Muller)

Sloss def Muller 2-0

Quarter Final 2: Group 3 2nd (Donnelly) vs Group 4 1st (Maloney)

Donnelly def Maloney 1-0

Quarter Final 3: Group 3 1st (Cody) vs Group 4 2nd (Bright)

Cody def Bright 3-2

Quarter Final 4: Group 1 2nd (Chen) vs Group 2 1st (Naimo)

Chen def Naimo 1-0 in extra time

Aaron Chen vs Lee Naimo

Aaron Chen vs Lee Naimo

Semi Finals

And we were down to the final four. For the occasion we moved the matches to the championship arena, the big cinema sized screen saved only for the best of the best. Both semis were between UK vs Australia. Sloss vs Chen. Donnelly vs Cody. Epic battles of mental and physical strength.

Sloss flew out of the blocks, and despite Chen’s best efforts- he could never do better that equalise, Sloss seemed to always have his measure, despite some dynamis play from the Australian and in the end, Sloss was able to hold on for the victory and entry into the end game.

Donnelly and Cody’s match was a dour struggle, with neither player giving the other much room to move - not until very late in the match when Cody found the winner.

Semi Final 1: QF1 winner (Sloss) vs QF4 winner (Chen)

Sloss def Chen 3-2

Semi Final 2: QF2 winner (Donnelly) vs QF3 winner (Cody)

Cody def Donnelly 1-0

3rd Place Final

Before the big match, a third place battle was held between semi final losers Chen and Donnelly, and it was a massacre. Donnelly achieved the biggest win of the tournament. It was cold, it was brutal, it was brilliant. You couldn’t help but think, on another day, this tournament could have been Donnelly’s.

SF1 loser (Chen) vs SF2 loser (Donnelly)

Donnelly def Chen 6-1

Carl Donnelly vs Aaron Chen

Carl Donnelly vs Aaron Chen


The final felt like Sloss’ biggest challenge of the day thus far. Up against the might of Nick ‘Crusher’ Cody, Sloss found a way to be the first to hit the scoreboard, as he had done all day. At 1-0 down, with half time fast approaching, disaster struck Cody, scoring a red card reducing him to 10 men. Rather than dropping his head, Crusher followed up with an equaliser only moments later. Sloss countered with a quick reply, taking a 2-1 lead into the break.

The second half was electric, with the championship cup on the line, Sloss was able to match Cody at every turn, scoring two more goals to match Cody’s second half tally- leaving the score at the final whistle, 4-3. Sloss went through the entire championship undefeated. Sure luck went his way from the get go, landing the powerful FC Barcelona in the team draw, but there was no faulting his game play… Cody took it up to Sloss, but it wasn’t quite enough.

You could say football was the winner on the day, but it’s probably much more accurate to say that Daniel Sloss was.

SF1 winner (Sloss) vs SF2 winner (Cody)

Sloss won 4-3

Aaron Chen was the people’s champion on the day, taking out the peer voted ‘Best and Fairest’ and ‘Best Goal’.

Daniel Sloss and Nick Cody

Daniel Sloss and Nick Cody