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20 Ovens Street
Brunswick, VIC, 3056

(03) 9388 9395

Producing high quality comedy.



Located in Brunswick, The Stupid Old Studio is a large space that can be configured for both video and photography projects. It features a 6m wide cyclorama and a grid for easy rigging of lights.

Studio configured for a television game show pilot

Studio configured for a television game show pilot

Studio configured for a live comedy taping for ABC's  Comedy Next Gen

Studio configured for a live comedy taping for ABC's Comedy Next Gen

6m wide white cyclorama

6m wide white cyclorama

A Flexible space

Located in Brunswick, the Stupid Old Studio is great for video and photography projects, but is flexible enough for a variety of uses. It's great if you need to build sets, rehearse for a show, or even for events and screenings.


  • 6m wide white cyclorama

  • Black curtains

  • Optional stage

  • Greenroom with tea/coffee facilities & fridge

  • Projector for screenings

  • Easily accessible by trams and trains

Size & Specs

The usable studio space is approx. 8m wide x 15m long with a 3.5m high ceiling.

We have 20 amp 3-phase power available and many 240v outlets around the studio.


Our podcast studio is soundproof and acoustically treated for high quality recording. The studio is set up for multitrack recording of up to four mics. Editing can be done in studio or the session can be exported for editing elsewhere.

  • Soundproof studio

  • 4 microphones & individual headphones

  • High quality multitrack recording

  • In studio editing

Many podcasts are recorded at Stupid Old Studios every week. Check out our Podcast page to listen to some of them!


MAIN STUDIO HIRE: $60 / hour WEEKDAYS 8am-6pm

$80 / HOUR WEEKDAYS 6pm-8am and WEEKENDS

Minimum booking is 2 hours. If the white cyclorama floor is required we charge a $100 repainting fee.

For podcast studio hire contact us to discuss your project - we have affordable rates that vary depending on booking frequency and if production assistance is required.

We offer reduced rates for students and multi-day bookings, so don't hesitate to contact us for your upcoming projects!

All rates are inclusive of GST.


If you want to put the studio on hold without paying, or if you need to book out of hours please use the form below.

Please note that completing this form is not a confirmation of booking. This form is for main studio bookings only. For podcast bookings please complete the form here.

If you have any questions about the studio specifications please contact us at info@stupidold.com.au.

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